Me neither

Me neither

Have you heard this phrase, “me neither”, before? Sadly (lamentablemente).

From an American, for certain, and an Englishman, probably. It is wrong. Would you say (in Spanish) “me tampoco”? No.

Consider this conversation:

Mr. Podemos: “I don’t like Mr. Errejon. Mr. Sanchez (in reply): “Me neither”.

The correct response is “I neither” or “neither do I”.

Consider this sentence:

  • It was me who did it (fui yo que lo hice).

Again this is wrong. In Spanish you use “yo”. The correct version is: “it was I who did it”. “I” is the subject pronoun. In everyday speech you may have heard this: silly me! (qué tonto soy). Again, it is wrong. It should be “silly I”.

For clarity “me” is an object pronoun, as in these examples:

  • Ricardo helped me (Ricardo me ayudó)
  • Could you lend me you pen (podrías prestarme tu bolígrafo)?

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