Is Mr. Sanchez´s cabinet full of lickspittles?


Lickspittle is a verb and an adjective, and the word can refer to a person who is servile (servil) or a fawner (lisonjero, adulador) or who is obsequious (servil/obsequioso). That mortal tries to please someone and always does what he is told to do.

Contemplate the following examples.

  • The president of Belarus is a lickspittle (lamebotas) because he fawns over the dictator Putin. In other words he is a “toady (adulador).
  • In Russia court cases are decided by lickspittle judges (jueces).
  • Mr. Sanchez´s cabinet is full of lickspittles (lamebotas). They are fawning subordinates (subordinados aduladores).
  • Recently Mr. Boris Johnson, the previous British Prime Minister, referred to President Macron as a lickspittle because Mr. Macron is always trying to please the Russian dictator rather than stand up to him (stand up to = hacer frente o confrontar).

So, can you think of other lickspittles?


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