A lot of kerfuffle for PSOE


“Kerfuffle” can refer to a mess (un lio, barullo), a disturbance (disturbio) or a commotion (alboroto).

Put on your thinking cap and contemplate these examples.

  • The PSOE bribes for votes, 200 euros per vote, has caused a kerfuffle (…ha armado un alboroto…) for Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister.
  • Is Mr. Sanchez mixed up in the kerfuffle (…mezclado en el alboroto)?
  • Some PSOE politicians think that the bribes for votes issue is a little kerfuffle (un pequeño alboroto) and insignificant.
  • Is Mr. Sanchez sorry for the kerfuffle? Seemingly not (aparentemente, no).

What do you opine (¿qué opina?)?


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