Horses for courses


“Horse” (caballo) you know. Here the emphasis is on the idioms that use “horse”. Contemplate these:

  • He is a “dark horse”. A person who is a dark horse is someone who is secretive or does not reveal his character. Perhaps in Spanish you would say a person “desconocida” or “misteriosa”.
  • Mr. Trump eats like a horse (…come como una vaca).
  • It is a case of horses for courses (en cada caso es distinto). Some horses are perfect for racing courses (hipódromo)), others for other work – pulling ploughs (tirando arados). So horses have characteristics that suit them for different activities. So for mortals, some things are appropriate for some, other activities for others – so, we have horses for courses.
  • Mr. Sanchez is always changing horses in midstream (…cambia de política a mitad de camino). This means that he is not consistent because he is always changing policies just after starting them.
  • Hold you horses! ¡Para el carro!

So, do you sometimes eat like a horse, change horses in midstream, and ask people to stop and think (hold your horses) before doing something? Who knows?


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