How do you gauge the situation?


A gauge (calibrador) is an instrument that measures things. Captains and pilots in the cockpit (cabina) check many gauges during a flight. Railway tracks have a gauge (ancho), and guns have gauges (calibres).

Here the focus is on gauge as a verb. It is similar to “medir”, “estimar” or “juzgar” in Spanish. Contemplate these examples:

  • Mr. Sanchez cannot gauge the severity of the situation (…no puede reconocer la gravedad de la situación). This means he is unable to understand how serious things are.
  • The Popular Party in Galicia has gauged the right moment (…ha elegido el momento oportuno…) for the regional elections.
  • Mr. Podemos does not know how to gauge (…no sabe reconocer…) the feelings of the business community.
  • I can only gauge the distance (solo puedo medir la distancia al ojo).

So what is your gauge on the situation in Spain?

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