How do you fill a void?

How do you fill a void?

A “void” is a type of emptyness (vacío) and we sometimes try to fill a void (…llenar el hueco o vacio). The void is similar to “la nada”.

Perhaps you have seen the latest James Bond film and you have said that the film was “void of interest” (carente de interés).

“Void” is also an adjective. Sometimes contracts are declared “null and void” (nulo), which means that the contract is not valid or has no force. Another way to say this is “to render a contract null and void” (anular o invalidar).

Some examples:

  • The judge declared the contract void (el juez declaró nulo el contrato).
  • The bank voided the transaction (…invalidó la transacción). Here voided is a verb in the past tense.
  • Mr. Sanchez is void of any sense of humour (…es carente de sentido de humor).

So, are there voids in your life that you need to fill, or have you voided contracts recently?


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