Hello stranger!


This is a phrase we use when we have not seen someone for some time, or in Spanish you might say: ¡Cuanto tiempo sin vernos! It is not negative, just a humorous (gracioso) way to greet someone you have not seen for some time.

Let´s review the word “stranger”. Contemplate this example:

  • Every year 5 million strangers visit Tenerife.

Right or wrong? The numbers perhaps. The grammar no. “Stranger” means “forastero o desconocido”. It does not mean (no significa) “extranjero” that we translate as “foreigner”.

So the correct sentence would be.

  • Every year 5 million foreigners visit Tenerife.

Let´s examine some correct examples.

  • Mr.Morales happily chats to strangers (el señor Morales se pone a charla tranquilamente con cualquier extraño).
  • The level of Spanish taxes discourages foreign investment (el nivel de los impuestos en España no ofrece alicientes al inversor extranjero).
  • Many foreign influences have been assimilated in Canarian culture (la cultura Canaria ha asimilado muchas influencias extranjeras).



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