Have you ever quaked in your boots?


“Quake” is a verb and a noun. First the verb and some examples. Someone could “quake” (or shake) meaning “temblar” or “estremecerse”. Examine these examples:

  • After hearing the news about Brexit, Mr. Morales was quaking in his boots (después de enterarse de las noticias de Brexit, Señor Morales le temblaron las piernas de miedo).
  • Mr. Corbyn quaked at the prospect of losing the election (Mr. Corbyn le hizo estremecer de la posibilidad de perder las elecciones).

So one can “quake with fright” (temblar de miedo). You can also say “shake with fright”, and one can “quake at the knees” (temblaron las piernas).

A “quake” is colloquial for an earthquake (terremoto). An example:

  • Yesterday´s quake was 3 on the Richter scale (el terremoto de ayer fue 3 en la escala de Richter).

So have you ever quaked in your boots at the prospect or possibility of something?


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