“Flag” (bandera) you will know as that which countries have. There is also a “flag of truce” (bandera blanca). Perhaps you know that a flag (lirio, falso ácoro) is a plant.

It is also a verb. Two examples:

  • Mr. Sánchez is flagging in enthusiasm for the Prime Minister´s job (…está flaqueando en…). This means that he is lacking enthusiasm and perhaps he is tired of the job.
  • You might have been to meetings held by political parties. They are often boring due to the long speeches. So your interest starts to flag (tu interés comienza a flaquear).
  • Sometimes, conversations start to flag (decaer) because the mortals are tired or have nothing more interesting to say.

Sometimes mortals “fly the flag” for their country, meaning that they promote the country´s interests or good qualities. Or you can fly the flag to maintain traditions (mantener las tradiciones de la patria).

Flags (or flagstones) are a type of paving (losas) that you see in older city centres.

So, which of these do you do? Flag through boredom or tiredness? Or fly the flag for your football team or country. Perhaps after planting many flags or laying (colocando) many flagstones, you start to flag. Who knows?


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