“Dwell” is a verb meaning “vivir” and “morar”. The past simple and past participle is “dwelt”. Study these examples:

  • Mr. Morales dwells (vive) in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.
  • Before moving to Tenerife, I dwelt in England.
  • Mr. Puidgemont, the former Catalan regional president, is dwelling (esta viviendo) in Belgium.

There is also a phrasal verb with the preposition “on”, to “dwell on” (or dwell upon). It means “to think about (pensar en, o dar vueltas a). Some examples:

  • Mr. Morales would like to dwell upon the issue of taxes in Spain.
  • Many people in Spain do not dwell on the meaning of life.

Other aspects of this word include “dweller” (morador, habitante) and a “dwelling” (morada, vivienda) or “dwelling house”. Some examples:

  • Mr. Morales owns a dwelling in New York.
  • His dwelling house in New York was expensive.

So, to recap (resumir), Mr. Morales often dwells on the issue of taxes in Spain, even though he dwells in New York, enjoying an expensive dwelling near Central Park. Before New York, he dwelt in Puerto de la Cruz.


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