Do you sometimes gripe?


Do you sometimes gripe?

Perhaps. A “gripe” is a complaint (queja) and a person who is complaining is “griping about” (quejándose de) something.
Do not confuse the Spanish word “gripe” that means “flu” or “influenza”.
Some examples using “gripe”.
• What are you griping about?
• Mr. Trump´s gripe is that the book about him is full of errors.
• Mr. Trump has a gripe.
• Mr. Morales has a gripe about high taxes in Spain.
Please also do not confuse “griping” with “gripping” (absorbente), the latter being an adjective to describe a film or novel.
“Gripe” is also a medical term, meaning “retorcijón de tripas” One can also have “griping pains” (retortijante).

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