Do you potter around?


Perhaps, sometimes? To “potter” means to do somethings in a leisurely way, without specific intentions or specific plans. Sometimes people go to a city and “potter around” just for an undemanding (undemanding = que exige poco esfuerzo) break. For example:

  • Mr Morales went to La Laguna and pottered (…se paseo por las tiendas) around the shops. This means that he looked in the shops without serious intentions of buying something.
  • Mrs. May, the British Prime Minister, spent yesterday pottering around her house (…estuvo todo el día en casa haciendo un poco de poco).
  • I like pottering around/about the garden (me gusta entretenerme haciendo pequenos trabajos en el jardín).

There is a noun: a potter (alfarero, ceramista), who makes pots (cacharros). Such a person uses a potter´s wheel (torno de alfarero), using potter´s clay (arcilla de alfarería). His work results in a piece of pottery (una cerámica) or a fine piece of pottery (loza).

You can ask someone this question: how are you getting on? The answer: I am pottering along (voy tirando).

So you could be a potter or an ordinary mortal, who potters around the shops looking for a fine ceramic pot, or nothing in particular.


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