Are you a flincher?


To flinch is to “shrink back” (estremecerse) from something, or to show signs of offence or pain.

Look at these examples:

  • Adrian flinched at the pain (Adrian se estremecio del dolor).
  • Mrs. Merkel flinched when Mr. Trump touched her (la señora Merkel se estremecio cundo el señor Trump la tocó).
  • Mr. Morales accepted the criticism without flinching (sin inmutarse).

Someone can also “not flinch from” his responsibilities. This means that he carries out his duties 100%, without trying to avoid difficult decisions or actions. An example:

  • Mr. Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, will not flinch from his responsibilities (… no se retraerá de sus obligaciones).

So, a person might flinch at pain, or not flinch at pain. Also he might flinch at the criticism (or not) or not flinch from doing the right things.

A person who avoids responsibilities, or visibly feels pain or discomfort, is a flincher.

Are you a flincher?


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