Are bromances bewildering?

Boris Johnson and Macron bromance

Emmanuel Macron, se reune con al primer ministro británico, Boris Johnson. /EFE EPA CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON

Nowadays, the frequent answer could be yes. “Bromance” you may know as the word is the same as in Spanish. Bromance is a portmanteau (palabra compuesta) of “brother” and “romance”

A bromance (una estrecha amistad) is when two men have a close relationship, but there is no sexual implication or sexual relationship. For two men to have a close relationship can be “bewildering” (confuso, desconcertante) to some mortals because, according to some views, a close relationship could lead to a conclusion of homosexuality.

Contemplate these:

  • At the June G7 meeting Mr. Boris Johnson (the British Prime Minister) and Mr. Macron (the French President) were seen holding each other´s shoulders. Was this a sign of a new bromance? ¿Era este el inicio de un incipiente bromance?
  • Is it time that the Belarus President ended his bromance with Mr. Putin? ¿Es la hora de que el presidente de belarús termine el bromance con…)
  • It is mistake to underestimate the power of a good bromance.

So, it is understandable that mortals might be confused by a bromance: a sad fact about the times in which we live.


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