More pleonasms


Good writing and speaking is concise (conciso), period (y punto).

Using many words when there is a shorter option is not erudition (erudición) – it is the contrary (el contrario). Being pleonastic will probably bore your reader.

Here are some more examples of this failing:

  • It is my general opinion that … should be shortened to “I opine that”. 3 words are better than 6.
  • It is my general view that…. should be shortened to “My conspectus is that”. Six words versus 4.
  • It may be possible to….should be shortened to “it is possible that”.
  • By and large (por lo general), the Spanish economy is doing well. Why not write: the Spanish economy is doing well.
  • It goes without saying (ese cae de su peso) that the Spanish economy is doing well. Why not say “the Spanish economy is doing well”.
  • Mr. Podemos went to the bar at 3am in the morning. “3am” means in the morning, so why say “in the morning”.
  • I saw it with my own eyes (lo vi con mis ojos propios). How else can you see it? So why not write: I saw it.
  • After everything was said and done (después de todo lo dicho y hecho) ZP´s government was a failure. Why not write: ZP´s government was a failure.
  • Given the fact that (dado el hecho de que) that Mr. Corbyn lost the election, he should resign. Why write “given the fact that” when you can write: Mr. Corbyn lost the election and should resign.

So no waffle (paja). Remember ABC = accuracy, brevity, clarity (la exactitud, la brevedad, la claridad). Keep life simple.

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