At whose behest?


“Behest” (mandato, orden) is a noun, and generally means “at the request or order of”. 

The structure typically is “at the behest of” or“ it is the behest of” someone or an organisation. In Spanish the similar options might be: “a instancia a”, “a petiticion a”, “a mandato a”. 

Examine these examples:

  • It was at Mr. Podemos´s behest that taxes went up (la orden de Podemos fue que los impuestos subieron).
  • At the behest (a petición de UE…) all Covid vacines to the UK must be stopped.
  • At his own behest (a petición propia), Adrian joined (se unió) the political party Vox.
  • It was at Mr. Sanchez´s behest (…fue a instancia a…) that Mr. Podemos be sent (fuera enviado a…) to North Korea.

So a mortal might ask you: at whose behest did you go to North Korea (¿a instancias de que fuiste a Corea de Norte?)?

Have you ever done something at someone´s behest? Probably.


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