Are you in the pink?


“Pink” (el color rosa) you may know. Here the interest is in the idioms and expressions that use “pink”.

How are you? I am in the pink. To be “in the pink” means that you are in very good health (rebosar de saludo/ estar de plena forma). You could also say “in fine feather”, an idiom that means “de excelente humor”.

In what condition is your Porsche? It is in the “pink of condition”. This means that it is in perfect condition.

You can also “turn pink” with embarrassment (ponerse colorado), and you can have “cheeks flushed pink” meaning that you have had a little too much red wine! Or perhaps you have drunk too much “pink gin” (ginebra con angostura).

So you can be in the pink, drink pink gin, and have a Rolls Royce that is in the pink of condition. Good combinations!



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