Are you a good egg?

good egg

“Egg” (huevo) you will know. Here the emphasis is on idioms (modismos) that use egg. Examine these:

  • Mr. Johnson, the British Prime Minister, is an “egg head” (una persona con una inteligencia superior). It means that he is very clever.
  • Is Mr. Johnson a “good egg”? In this context a good egg is a good person.
  • Is Mr. Corbyn a “bad egg” (una persona sin vergüenza)?
  • As “sure as eggs are eggs” (sin ningún género de dudas) Podemos will lose seats in the November election. If something is as sure as eggs it is certain. 

If a person “over-eggs” something, it means that the person has exaggerated something. An example:

  • • Mr. Sanchez has over-egged the state of the Spanish economy (this means that he has exaggerated the state of the economy).

So, if Mr. Sánchez is wrong he will “have egg on his face” (quedará en ridiculo).

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