That is my affair!


Affair (caso, asunto) you may know. The word has many uses.

It can refer to an event (evento), an occasion, and a matter. Examine these:

  • The Spanish government has mishandled the affair (…ha llevado mal el asunto).
  • Ricardo`s birthday was a very formal affair (…fue una ocasión muy ceremoniosa).
  • My last trip to Patagonia was a very different affair (…fue muy diferente).
  • My dinner in La Moncloa was a gloomy affair (…no fue una ocasión muy alegre).

“Affair” can refer to something to do with love between mortals. Consider these:

  • Mr. Putine had an affair with a Venzuelan girl (…tuvo una aventura con…).
  • They are having an affair (están liados).

Now the plural “affairs”. There are affairs of the heart (asuntos del corazón), business affairs, and a mortal can be a “man of affairs” (un hombre de negocios) and there are “affairs of state” or “state affairs (asuntos de estado).

So, if I say something “is my affair” (es un asunto mío). Perhaps you may say “keep your nose out of my affairs = it is none of your business (no te metas).


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