It is me or It is I

It is me or It is I

Is it me – right or wrong?,

Correct or incorrect? How many times have you heard this uttered (pronunciada) by seemingly (aparentemente) educated English people? You know the answer.

The plain truth (la verdad lisa y llana) is that “it is me” is wrong.

As in Spanish, English and Latin, “I, you, she, he, it, they and we” take the nominative (nominativo). This is because they are the subject of the sentence. For example, “It is I” (soy yo), “I” being the subject of the sentence.

In the same way, “It is he” (es él) is correct and “It is him/her/them” is wrong. The sentence «It is me» has no subject – only a verb and an object pronoun – and a sentence should have a subject. So the correct forms would be, for example, “it is she”, “it is they”. You would never say in Spanish “Es me”, “soy me” or “es le”. Horrible!

So why do English people and others make such a basic mistake? Bad habits and unthinking minds (mentes irreflexivos) are the answers.

So despite the fact (a pesar del hecho de que) that many English speakers use these words incorrectly please do not make the same mistake, whether you be in an English class in La Orotava or Puerto de la Cruz, or speaking with English people around the world. Some people may think that it is you that be wrong, but this only reinforces (solo refuerza cómo) how ingrained (arraigado) their habit is.

So the next time someone asks “who is it”? (¿quién es?), respond correctly by saying “It is I”. Better still (major aún), when you hear the mistake, subtly (sutilmente) give them an explanation of the grammar!

¡Si le ha interesado, compártalo con sus amigos y conocidos!


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