Do not be cowed

Do not be cowed

You may know the word “cow”. “Cowed” is different with no connection to cow.
To be cowed means to be frightened and intimidated. If someone is cowed the person submits to (to “submit to” in this context = someterse/rendirse) someone´s demands or wishes, and the circumstances are normally negative.

Examine these:

  • Some people can be cowed by power (…pueden sentirse acobardadas…).
  • How long will the Russian people be cowed by Putin (…permanecerá la gente acobardada…)?
  • We should never be cowed (…nunca deberíamos ser intimidadas…) by Putin.
  • The British people will never be cowed by dictators.

People can be cowed into doing (or to do) something or cowed by a person or goverment. Mortals who are cowed could have a “cowed look” (una mirada temerosa).

So, have you ever been cowed into doing something? Or cowed somebody to do something?


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