As easy as pie

easy as pie

“Pie” (tarta, pastel, and empanada) you may know. You can have, for example, a fish pie, a meat pie, a strawberry pie and a vegetable pie.

Let´s look at other uses of “pie”: expressions and idioms. Something can be “as easy as pie”, meaning that it is simple to do. You could also say that it was “a doddle” (está tirado). Another similar expression is “a piece of cake”.

If something is “pie in the sky” it is an illusion (es pura ilusión) or something unrealistic or impractical. Perhaps in Spanish you would say “son castillos en el aire”.

Sometimes people have to “eat humble pie” (tragare el orgullo y pedir perdón) when they have made an obvious mistake and must apologise.

If someone is drunk you can say that he is “pie-eyed”. Finally, if someone “has a finger in a pie” he is involved in something – it could be a share in a business, or be involved in a project.

Now to change the subject. Do you like classical music? Would you like to practice some more English too? Then go to this web address:

Munich Philharmonic – Santa Cruz de Tenerife

You will be able to read a review of a concert given by the Munich Philharmonic orchestra. It is a review in The Tenerife News, and you may find the newspaper’s pages useful for English practice too.


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