Are you sometimes erratic?


I imagine not. People are sometimes erratic in temperament (imprevisible o voluble), and someone’s performance at work could be erratic (irregular). You could say that Mr. Sanchez is erratic: he has a new policy in the morning, then changes it completely in the afternoon.

There can also be erratic or irregular movements in machinery, cars, in your heart rate or breathing.

Here are two example sentences:

  • Mr. Morales works erratic hours (…tiene un horario de trabajo irregular).
  • The police noticed his erratic driving (…notaron que conducía de modo irregular).

The adverb is “erratically”. Review this example: his heart was beating erratically (…latía irregularmente o de formar irregular). Another example: Mr. Sanchez behaves erratically.

So, people can be erratic in their behaviour, as can machines and governments.


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