Are you a grafter?


A “grafter” is a hard worker (persona trabajadora). A task can be “hard graft” (mucho trabajo). An example:

  • The workers grafted (trabajaron duramente toda la semana…) all week in order to finish the project.

“Graft” is also a noun and has medicinal and horticultural uses. It is also a verb used in horticulture. For example, you can graft (injertar) part of a plant on to another plant.

Sometimes people have skin grafts (injertos de piel) and bone grafts.  An example:

  • The surgeon (circujano) grafted the healthy skin to the injured area (…injertó la piel sana en el área dañado).

There is another use: if you are “accused of graft”, you are being accused of bribery (soborno). An example:

  • The Venezuelan government is riddled with (con acertijo) graft and corruption.

Have you ever worked really hard? If so, that makes you a grafter.

If you are a surgeon or doctor perhaps you have carried out some skin grafts. Or if you are a skilled gardener, you have grafted a plant on to another plant.

 If you have lived in a corrupt country then you are aware of graft there.


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