A top-up?

A top-up

To “top-up” is to refill or replenish (recargar, cargar, rellenar) something, to add a quantity of something or a sum of money.

When you have guests for lunch, perhaps you offer to “top-up” their glasses with wine, water, or something else. Mortals “top-up” batteries, top-up oil in their cars, and top-up mobile phone vouchers (tarjetas telefónicas) and perhaps bus season tickets (bonos).

Examine these examples:

  • Would you like a top-up (¿quisieras que te lo llene?)
  • Her parents topped-up (…le añadieron…) her university grant, to help with the living expenses.
  • People sometimes ask their banks for a “top-up loan”, a further amount, thus increasing the loan.

So, would you like a top-up?


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