Is life a slog?


For many people life is a “slog”. “Slog” is a noun and a verb. As a verb it refers to something that is difficult or onerous (oneroso o pesado) and that takes some time. In Spanish it could be “desplazarse con dificultad”.  An example:

  • Mr. Morales slogged up the mountain (… subió la montana a duras penas).

If a task or project is difficult you have to “slog away at something” To pass the Cambridge Proficiency exam you have to slog away, meaning “afanarse por aprobar el examen”.

Now as a noun. A difficult and long project could be a slog. “It was a slog” (me costó trabajo), and you had to “slog away” (sudar tinta).

When Mr. Morales climbed to the top of Mount Teide he said that “it was a hard slog to the top” (costó trabajo llegar a la cumbre).

So when something is difficult you have to “slog it out”, meaning “aguantarlo todo” o seguir luchando”.

So life is a slog sometimes, but we have to “slog it out” and “keep on slogging away”.


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