Cooped up?

Cooped up

A “coop” (gallinero) is a place where chickens are sometimes kept. Another word for the same is “henhouse”.

Sometimes, chickens “fly the coop”, that is, they leave the normal area where they live. Some people say that it is cruel to “coop up” animals in small cages (jaulas pequeñas).

Here the focus is on some expressions.

Examine these:

• During the “lockdown” in April 20, re the virus 19, we were “cooped up” in our houses. This means that we were confined (confinados/encerrados) to our houses.

• It is time for me to “fly the coop” (volar del gallinero). This means that it is time to leave home and live somewhere else. In England, after university, many young people fly the coop, and a young person may say “it is time for me to fly the coop”.

Do not confuse “coop” with “co-op” (co-op = cooperativa).


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